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| 23rd August 2013
Social media is a great way of finding new friends. Subscribers may remember me meeting Katherine from Mustard Seed last year and earlier this month I was thrilled to be able to join in her All Age Sausage Making Course, which she told me about when seeing the pictures of our pig on Twitter!
So this post is all about the fun that we had that day and if you live near her Ongar home in Essex, do check out her Supper Club and Cookery Classes, but book soon as they are very popular!

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Macy and I had a great day…

We arrived in the scorching heat, aprons in hand, to be welcomed by Katherine and shown through to her training area. She uses her large family kitchen which leads into a hand washing area at the back and joins a large side room where we were able to follow our recipes to create the sausages of our choice. Straight through was the garden complete with happy hens searching for worms in the shade and a large table laid for our sausage lunch.

Their were five pairs of us in the class, and true to the Generation Game, each had an adult and a child ready to learn. Katherine was the perfect host and teacher giving us little gems of background information throughout the day along with the all important ‘how to make the perfect sausage’.  Macy and I chose the Spicy Italian recipe where pork shoulder & belly (you need some fat to keep it juicy and carry the flavours) are minced then combined with 10% rusk (that’s just breadcrumbs without yeast) and flavourings including fennel, garlic and chilli. After seasoning well, the mixture is drawn together with red wine and ready for a second mincing that pushes it through the sausage attachment into the natural casings made of pig intestines.

Macy enjoyed the day so much, I hardly got a look in! All fears of squishy sausage shooting across the room disappeared as Macy carefully supported the casing as it filled ready to be twisted into a string of sausages that we could take home to share with the family.

Katherine had some that ‘she had made earlier’ which she cooked for an Al Fresco lunch that we all enjoyed before going home.

We had a great time meeting other people and learning a new skill, but the real verdict was from Andy when he tasted them; ‘These are the best sausages that I’ve ever had!’

Homegrown RevolutionBook of the Blog Post:

Whilst I was given this book for Christmas, along with some seeds from the same series, I’m recommending this now as we are daily enjoying the fruits that it introduces.

The Inca Berries are coming along fine, but to snack on the Cucamelons that fruit on wild tendrils that climb and cling to anything in its reach is pure joy!

This book is available with many of our other favourites books from the Hen Corner Shop!

Other News:

  • We continue to log our harvests with Capital Growth as we partner with other Londoners to grow a Million Meals
  • The bees are storing some honey, not as much as last year, but a very different flavour
  • Our tomatoes are ripening nicely, let’s hope there is no blight this year

Jobs for next week:

Have a good week yourself…Hen logo good

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