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    Bread & Cheese… Mmmmm!

    Blog 3rd February 2023

    We have hit the ground running and have been very busy in the bakery; we’ve already baked 100 loaves for Hounslow FoodBox, just throughout the month of January, thanks so much to our customers who sponsor loaves to top up our regular donations.

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    Number Crunching

    Blog 5th January 2023

    After a lovely festive break, I like to look back with thankfulness and forward with hope.

  • We are now in the big countdown and all our planning, if we’ve managed it, will really pay off. No worries if you don’t feel ready, we’ve found that the key is to pace yourself and make lots of lists!

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    Clocks Back, Look Forward

    Blog 3rd November 2022

    The clocks have gone back, there’s a chill in the air and we are looking forward to all that this new season will bring.

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    Use your LOAF!

    Blog 26th September 2022

    You would be forgiven for thinking that this post is all about bread, well there is some coming up, but we have been thinking a lot about all the little choices we make every day and how they have an impact on not just our health and finances, but also the environment.