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    A Truly Urban Harvest

    Blog 16th September 2020

    Now is truly a time to celebrate! The honey has been collected from the hives, the apples have been pressed and we are running out of jars to pack full of pickles and preserves.

  • We are celebrating the traditions of the Annual Autumn Allotment Shows in this month’s column, The Good Life in the City, in Country Living Magazine. Fortunately, despite this year’s challenges, many are going ahead virtually – I’ve sent in my entries, wish me luck!

  • Media

    Out & About – Aug/Sep ’20

    Media 29th August 2020

    We’ve learnt so much, so far this year, lots of new skills to take forward. Our recent feature in Out & About magazine encourages us to keep on learning.

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    What a Week!

    Blog 14th August 2020

    I know that there’s National Week for almost anything nowadays, but this week, 10th-16th August, is celebrating two of my favourite things that I’ve been especially excited about recently.

  • Whilst I’m watching our squashes and pumpkins swell and ripen on the allotment, we are planning for harvest and preserving in this month’s column, The Good Life in the City, in Country Living Magazine…​

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    Life at Hen Corner

    Blog 31st July 2020

    When I first claimed the domain name HenCorner.com, 10 years ago, to start blogging our journey toward urban self sufficiency, I naturally wanted to set up a couple of email addresses. Info@ sounded too impersonal, Office@ and Admin@ just sounded too ‘corporate’ and didn’t really communicate that we were intending to spend most of our time in the garden!