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    That was January

    Blog 30th January 2019

    I always try to keep the diary a bit quieter at the beginning of the year, allowing us to get ahead of some of the winter tasks in the garden and to ensure that we keep up to pace with new things that come in throughout the year.

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    One Spoon or Two?

    Blog 20th April 2016

    We had been planning it since last August and finally the day came around for our first greenwood craft day at Hen Corner. It was great to work with guest…

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    On your marks, get set, GROW!

    Blog 5th April 2016

    Regular readers may remember reading about our renovations in the Kitchen Garden earlier this year, the hoops and nets are really successful at keeping the chickens/cats/pigeons/foxes/etc. off our raised beds…

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    Egg, Eggs, Eggs…

    Blog 29th March 2016

    We have enjoyed numerous egg hunts this week, searching for the tiniest eggs laid by our queen bees, through the colourful eggs of our hens to the largest chocolate eggs…

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    Boing! (the sound of Spring…)

    Blog 21st March 2016

    Sara has just returned from a wonderful week contributing to the programme of talks at the Country Living Spring Fair, it was lovely to meet so many people who had…

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    The Pig Process

    Blog 13th November 2013

    The time had to come when our pig would eat her last apple and we would say goodbye. After watching her grow from a six-week weaner in May into the…

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    Simply Sausages

    Blog 23rd August 2013

    Social media is a great way of finding new friends. Subscribers may remember me meeting Katherine from Mustard Seed last year and earlier this month I was thrilled to be…