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    That was January

    Blog 30th January 2019

    I always try to keep the diary a bit quieter at the beginning of the year, allowing us to get ahead of some of the winter tasks in the garden and to ensure that we keep up to pace with new things that come in throughout the year.

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    2017 Season with the Brentford Bees

    Blog 21st September 2017

    The highs, the lows, the transfers and new captains… I can’t be the only bee keeper that has a Google Alert set up for ‘London Bees’ triggering an email each…

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    In a Pickle

    Blog 16th August 2017

    Wow, we’ve had some great weather this summer! The bees are making lots of honey, the hens are happy pottering around in the sunshine and the kitchen garden is looking…

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    Summer Season at Hen Corner

    Blog 1st June 2017

    The days are long, there’s time for fun… Come and join us this summer! We have a wonderful programme of courses and events over the coming months, both here at…

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    Oranges and Lemons

    Blog 5th March 2017

    Sailing from Seville… When the days of late Winter and early Spring can be so fickle, promising sunshine and new shoots followed by dark days and hail, we have found…

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    Remember Memberillo

    Blog 13th October 2016

    As a child of the seventies, I looked forward to the 5 minute television shows for children on BBC1 each day before the evening news, and when the characters of…

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    September in the City

    Blog 26th September 2016

    What a wonderful month we’ve had so far this September! The hottest day of the year, and the highest temperature for September since 1911, was the very day that we…

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    October Offerings…

    Blog 18th October 2014

    Mmm, we really must remember 2014 for the long warm season that began in April and is still proving mild in mid-October, there’s still food growing in the kitchen garden…

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    Pickles, Pigs and Preparations

    Blog 28th September 2014

    September always seems to be busy; back from holidays and into harvest time with honey to extract and cider to make, then all kinds of pickles and preserves to make…

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    Bonnes Vacances…

    Blog 11th September 2014

    We had a wonderful holiday in South West France again this year and delighted in not just eating the regional food but also meeting the local people. Soirée Gourmande… We…

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