Whether you want your team built, encouraged, stretched or rewarded, Hen Corner can offer a little bit of country life as the perfect location within London.

*Online/Virtual Opportunities Available – see here for examples*

Invest in your team’s wellbeing

Research shows that a holistic approach to caring for your staff helps develop a positive work-life balance, increasing a sense of fulfilment, contribution and productivity. Providing opportunities for your team to develop new skills, grow in confidence and discover a sense of achievement as they create something new is an investment that reaps many rewards.

Explore Eco Opportunities

Are you thinking about sustainable projects for the workplace, maybe a veg patch in the car park or a bee hive on the roof? We can support you with planning, training and ongoing mentoring to get your project up and running.

Take Time Out

Carve some time out for Blue Sky thinking within our beautiful garden without the distractions of the office hum. Step out of your comfort zones and try something new, be it making pasta, baking bread or fermenting fruit wine. Learn how the bees do business as they work together focussed on the common goal of the colony’s future.

How can your business benefit from Hen Corner?

We create unique activities for your team to step out of their comfort zones and get to know each other whilst having fun, or can simply provide a relaxed environment to get work done outside of the office.

Previous examples of our team away days have been teaching Cinnamon Network how to make delicious cinnamon swirls and helping the London branding agency, BEAR, get their hands on the honey with a full day bee keeping experience.

We have taught staff from the Bank of England how to make bread and hosted Christmas events for SPOKE, MBOK, Flutter & Artisan Accounts.

Regular groups join us throughout the year from Help for Heroes and Brompton Bikes.

What are the opportunities for your team when you bring them to Hen Corner?

Reward your team with our bespoke sessions often based on our range of courses.

We have some great team away day activities, each with home made refreshments and lunch, usually based around the seasons. In spring and summer we can be outside with the bees and chickens and throughout the year there are all kinds of food based sessions available such as sausage making, bread baking, make your own pizza, preserving pickles and jam.

We also have very special opportunities in the run up to Christmas.

Contact us for more information.

‘Had an amazing team away day at Hen Corner… Space to do business, stunning home grown lunch & team fun all rolled into one!’

Matt Bird, Founder, Cinnamon Network.

‘We all really enjoyed it, learnt lots and gave us a perfect break from our screens. What a day! Thanks for a wonderful lunch too.’

Alexandra Wylde, Designer, BEAR London.