• We’ve been keeping hens in London since 2007 and it was on moving to the house in the corner of the street, the following year, that opened up the possibilities of increasing the size of the flock, indulging in different types of chickens, and welcoming others to come and see how easy it is to keep chickens in a London back garden.

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    That was January

    Blog 30th January 2019

    I always try to keep the diary a bit quieter at the beginning of the year, allowing us to get ahead of some of the winter tasks in the garden and to ensure that we keep up to pace with new things that come in throughout the year.

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    Omlet Blog – February ‘18

    Media 13th February 2018

    When our friends at Omlet wanted to publish the perfect pancake recipe for Shrove Tuesday, we were delighted to help. What better way to uses all those lovely fresh eggs now that our pure breed hens are starting to lay again for Spring!

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    Egg, Eggs, Eggs…

    Blog 29th March 2016

    We have enjoyed numerous egg hunts this week, searching for the tiniest eggs laid by our queen bees, through the colourful eggs of our hens to the largest chocolate eggs…

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    New Chickens, New Cheese…

    Blog 23rd February 2016

    We’ve had a very productive Half Term… Whilst the grass may still be damp, even waterlogged, a couple of days of fabulous sunshine over the last week has permitted a…

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    Round and Around

    Blog 6th February 2016

    We’ve been thinking about cycles this week… Not bicycles, though we love those too, but life cycles in animals and plants, the cycles of the seasons and, of course, recycling…

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    Back in the Game!

    Blog 25th January 2016

    The wait is over… I must have forgotten how good the feeling is to discover a freshly laid egg in the nest box, to be honest, I’ve not been checking…

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    October Offerings…

    Blog 18th October 2014

    Mmm, we really must remember 2014 for the long warm season that began in April and is still proving mild in mid-October, there’s still food growing in the kitchen garden…

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    Simply Sausages

    Blog 23rd August 2013

    Social media is a great way of finding new friends. Subscribers may remember me meeting Katherine from Mustard Seed last year and earlier this month I was thrilled to be…