Easter is coming – it is practically here…

| 17th March 2024
The spring bulbs are flowering, the hens are laying abundantly, the bees are flying and our Easter bakes and activities are getting booked up.

If you haven’t joined in with our special celebrations before, here’s what’s coming up:

  • Introduction to Easter Baking – Tuesday 26th March – Making Hot Cross Buns, Easter Apricot Couronne, Fresh Lemon Curd & Lemon Curd Butterfly Cakes
  • Easter Micro Bakery – Thursday 28th March – Please place your orders by Wednesday 5pm (note: No baking on Good Friday)
  • Easter at Hen Corner – Saturday 30th March – Join us as a family for making your own Hot Cross Buns, hunting for eggs (real and chocolate) in the garden, Easter craft activity & hugging a hen

It’s not just us that love the Apricot Couronne, it won a coveted Great Taste Award last year – you can order them from our MicroBakery (we are only baking them on 22nd & 28th March) or come and learn to bake your own and you’ll never need to buy one again!


Hugging hens is wonderful at any time of the year but as we focus on eggs and new life at Easter, chicken cuddles really do add to the celebrations. Our afternoon session of Easter at Hen Corner has sold out, but we still have a few places left for the morning session. So if you want to bring the family round to make hot cross buns and hunt for eggs, we’d love you to join us, full details here.


Coming up at Hen Corner:

Tuesday 26th March Introduction To Easter Baking

Saturday 30th March Easter at Hen Corner (Families)

Wednesday 3rd April Introduction to Making Bread

Thursday 4th April Baking Together (Families)

Tuesday 9th April Full Day Bee Keeping

Wednesday 10th April Cheese Together (Families)

Tuesday 16th April Introduction To Scandinavian Baking

Tuesday 23rd April Introduction to Gluten Free Baking

Wednesday 24th April Making New Cheeses

Tuesday 30th April  Full Day Making Sourdough

Don’t forget – if you’ve been on a course before, email me for your 20% discount!
Other news:
  • We’ve started sowing seeds in the propagator and plan to plant the seedlings outside in May
  • I discovered that a cranberry bush that I planted years ago had flowered and fruited and I missed it! – I found ripe cranberries scattered around the ground…
  • We brought a colony of bees over from the allotment especially for our upcoming Bee Keeping courses and, my, there are thriving – they could be ready to split into two colonies in the next couple of months
Jobs for the week:
  • Top dress the raised beds with home made compost
  • Cut away the small shoots at the bottom of the fig tree to help it focus on fruiting from established branches
  • Plant up the potatoes at home and the allotment – I’ll aim to follow tradition and plant on Good Friday

Why not make the most of the spring sunshine, go outside for a walk and spot which trees come into blossom first …

Leave a comment to let me know what trees are already in flower!


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Tricia Dickinson 18th March 2024 at 12:36 am

Busy busy girl. Looks an exciting time at HenCorner with opportunity for making some excellent mouthwatering products. Well done Sara.

Sara Ward 18th March 2024 at 8:55 am

As I always say, ‘Make hay whilst the sun shines… ☀️’


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