Lambs and Eggs for Easter

| 23rd April 2011

Meet Thoral…

He is one of the most wonderful men that you could ever meet. He is an old family friend who has spent the last 40-50 years farming 40 acres of Welsh soil in Magor, Gwent with his son Steven. Recently, at the age of 85, he has assisted in 170 births of new lambs in just the last couple of months. Truly a 24/7 job…

We popped in to see him this afternoon and Macy, our 8yr old daughter, was delighted to help bottle feed three lambs whose mums were unable to care for them. ‘I won’t be giving them bottles tomorrow morning, though’ said Thoral ‘I’ll have half the Sunday School coming up after church to have a go!’ What a treat for Easter morning…

Good Friday….

The One Show, BBC1, decided to have a cracking Easter special this week. Not only were they watching baby chicks hatch in the studio, but they were out on the road visiting chicken owners around London. It was a delight to welcome them here to Hen Corner and you can see Sara and Butternut right.

We’d love to see more people start to keep chickens in their gardens; it’s not very difficult and so rewarding, if you think it could be for you, or you’d just like to find out more, why not come on one of our courses?

Surprise, surprise…

As I said we’ve been away for a few days visiting family in Wales and, as expected, another one of the new girls has started laying. We think that it’s Cinnamon, the Columbine, who is responsible for the new small blue egg that we found on our return. A quick peep into the nest box revealed eleven eggs, two days worth, in a wonderful array of colours! Good job we also came home to the delivery of 20 new egg boxes all ready to use for Easter gifts to family and friends….

Another surprise was to come home to 16 new spears of asparagus, we’d cut it all last Tuesday for a special garden supper with some friends and within four days we’ve got enough for our Easter Sunday Lunch. Fortunately, the bed has also proven that every crown (11 of 3 varieties) are all alive and kicking – Bring it on!

So as the garden reveals the promises of new life all around, may we all find a sense of awe, thankfulness and new life this Easter.

Jobs for next week:

  • Continue to harvest Asparagus, Leeks, Carrots & Rhubarb
  • Watch out for the Broad beans, some are nearly ready
  • Tidy the Herb Garden (still haven’t done that!)
  • Get on with the April planting

Have a great week yourself now….

Corners aren’t just for squares!

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