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    In a Pickle

    Blog 16th August 2017

    Wow, we’ve had some great weather this summer! The bees are making lots of honey, the hens are happy pottering around in the sunshine and the kitchen garden is looking…

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    Remember Memberillo

    Blog 13th October 2016

    As a child of the seventies, I looked forward to the 5 minute television shows for children on BBC1 each day before the evening news, and when the characters of…

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    First Class Bees

    Blog 21st September 2015

    ‘A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside.’* *Winnie The Pooh September is always busy on the smallholding; it’s our main…

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    September Saturdays…

    Blog 3rd October 2012

    Welcome back to Hen Corner! I can’t believe that it’s October already, just even waking up on Monday 1st brought the reminder of the season change as I heard the…

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    Tell 'em about the Honey Mummy…

    Blog 13th September 2012

    Welcome back to Hen Corner! Our last post was all about milk and this one is about honey… We’ve had an exciting time recently which has welcomed new chicks, been…

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    Lambs and Eggs for Easter

    Blog 23rd April 2011

    Meet Thoral… He is one of the most wonderful men that you could ever meet. He is an old family friend who has spent the last 40-50 years farming 40…

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    Eggs and Chicks….

    Blog 30th April 2010

    Welcome to week four of our Blog here at Hen Corner…. when we started, we thought we’d have nothing to say! but things have been so exciting (both the big…