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    Celebrating the Super Bees!

    Blog 23rd August 2021

    This month we are celebrating our super Brentford bees, now where should we begin? We started keeping bees 10 years ago, with our very first colony collected, on loan, in August 2011. ‘How can you borrow a colony of bees?’ I hear you say…

  • You know that we love to produce our own food and can’t wait to get busy preserving fruit and vegetables when in season, allowing us to enjoy them all year round. We’ve harvested all our broad beans, many of which are now in the freezer and have just finished the first batch of broad bean & mint hummus – delicious!

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    Hot in the City

    Blog 14th June 2021

    I love June. It’s halfway between New Year and Christmas, usually very sunny, and the month of my birthday! As the temperatures continue to soar, let’s see how we can all handle the heat and, with a little bit of planning, keep our cool…

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    May We Join You?

    Blog 20th May 2021

    It’s May – and we can at last join our friends inside, for coffee, food, wine and more (what a relief!)
    We’ve also got all our courses running as planned, both inside and out… Come and join us!

  • What a wonderful way to celebrate our 11th birthday – being able to welcome guests back for in-person/face-to-face courses!
    We have really valued the support of all our customers, especially over these last 12 months.

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    Boing! Spring Forward…

    Blog 10th March 2021

    Last week a friend asked me ‘When does Spring officially begin?’ After quick research I discovered that there are, in fact, two ‘official’ start dates, both of which I’m rather happy with.

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    It’s All About The Bread…

    Blog 3rd February 2021

    With my tax return completed and this year’s marmalade safely potted up, I can now focus, quite literally, on my bread and butter. Our weekly Micro Bakery has jumped back into motion and a hand made loaf of bread with some sweet sticky buns is the order of the day for many a local household at the end of the week.

  • It’s a new life for me, well not a completely new life but a new year with a fresh start, and ‘I’m feeling good’.
    Nothing more needs to be said about the disappointments of 2020, and yes, we are still living with challenges which look like they’ll get worse before it gets better, but let’s take encouragement from the wise words of a man called Paul

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    2020 – Our Best Nine

    Blog 30th December 2020

    Whilst we could have simply looked back at ‘the year that was’ sadly remembering all the events and celebrations that were cancelled, I’ve been reminded that, by publishing the year as it evolves on social media, we have an instant ‘scrapbook’ of snippets to look back at, as record of the good times in all their photographic glory…

  • To all our subscribers, course guests, customers and visitors,
    We wish you a very Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year
    From Sara and all at Hen Corner