Hot in the City

| 14th June 2021

I love June. It’s halfway between New Year and Christmas, usually very sunny, and the month of my birthday! As the temperatures continue to soar, let’s see how we can all handle the heat and, with a little bit of planning, keep our cool…

It was great to have a good sized group for Full Day Bee Keeping last week, many of whom had been given the course as a birthday gift, the sun was shining, the bees were flying and we enjoyed a fabulous day together out in the garden. It did get rather hot in the bee suits, but when we learnt that the worker bees in the hive keep the queen at 36c all year round, we had a greater appreciation of all that goes on in the hive, an understanding as to why bees gather water from dripping taps or freshly watered plants (to take cool water back to the hive), and a sense of relief when we could take the smocks and veils off!

Our Full Day Bee Keeping course is only run whilst it’s warm enough to open the hives, so if you’d like to join us, we’ve got a few spaces available on our next course Tuesday 22nd June.

Whilst the bees have strategies to cool down, it’s a bit more difficult for our hens enrobed with a thick feathery coat. We ensure that all the chickens have shade and cool water, then whilst we can supervise (watching out for those cheeky urban foxes) they love a dust bath, or as you can see with Nandos the Pekin Bantam, a bit of chillin’ in front of a fan!

So how do us people fare in this glorious weather? Well seeing as it’s June and peak strawberry season, we are making Scones & Jam for an Afternoon Tea in the garden… With our online course gathering guests from Switzerland and USA, we are delighted to welcome those a bit more local to join us to make Scones & Jam on Wednesday 21st July.

And whilst we are looking to escape the heat, try cooking a simple supper in the cool of the morning, ready to eat al fresco later in the day. For a super recipe that uses the eggs that we have aplenty, as well as some early new potatoes, try our Spanish Tortilla:

Other news:

  • We’ve got a stall, this weekend, at the new Chiswick Cheese Market, we’ll bring bread, honey & preserves
  • There’s a couple of spaces on Perfect Pasta our new supper session on Tuesday 29th June
  • I’ve started a new role as Bee Keeper for a charity that provides homes for adults with learning difficulties

Jobs for the week:

  • Bottle up the last of our London honey – it’s hayfever time
  • Cut down the grass at the allotment – ‘It’s as high as an elephant’s eye’ – said the plot holder next door
  • Get in the local lakes and rivers for as many cooling swims as possible!

Stay safe in the sun,


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