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    Life at Hen Corner

    Blog 31st July 2020

    When I first claimed the domain name, 10 years ago, to start blogging our journey toward urban self sufficiency, I naturally wanted to set up a couple of email addresses. Info@ sounded too impersonal, Office@ and Admin@ just sounded too ‘corporate’ and didn’t really communicate that we were intending to spend most of our time in the garden!

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    Let Them Eat Bread!

    Blog 28th May 2020

    I’ve been chatting to a miller that I know, the lovely Emily at Wessex Mill in Wantage near Oxford, and she explained what’s been happening to all the flour recently.…

  • We have got so much good news to share with you this week. First, we are announcing the winners of our 10th Anniversary Draw, then we are telling you all about Celebrate at Home with Country Living, finally, we’ve transitioned a number of our courses to online/virtual sessions allowing you to join us via Zoom to learn new skills. Good news all round, yes?

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    Ten Years at Hen Corner!

    Blog 20th April 2020

    This month, April 2020, marks the 10th Anniversary of Hen Corner, our Urban Smallholding in West London! We had been gearing up for all kinds of wonderful celebrations and, sadly, it turned out that we couldn’t invite guests to join us for the big day over the Easter weekend.

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    The Good Life in the City

    Blog 26th March 2020

    This week has seen a few firsts for me, the most unusual has been the amount of phone calls that I’ve received asking me if I am selling my chickens!

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    Marvellous Marmalade!

    Blog 14th March 2020

    I’ve been making marmalade for many years now, every year that we’ve lived in the corner house (that’s been 12 years), and for a good few years before that. I remember the first time that I stocked up on Seville Oranges, I had great plans to boil up buckets of the stuff, unfortunately, I learnt some important lessons the hard way.

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    Everybody’s Mentoring…

    Blog 25th February 2020

    If you’ve ever been to Hen Corner, you will have met our lovely cat. He leaves such an impression that he is often highlighted in our Tripadvisor reviews!

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    Firm Foundations

    Blog 29th January 2020

    If you are anything like me, then there’s always a number of jobs to be done, at home, in the garden, with the family, and with the bees.

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    View from a High Point

    Blog 3rd January 2020

    I love the Twelve Days of Christmas that begin with feasting on December 25th then allow us almost two weeks of relaxing, reflecting, appreciating friendships and planning.

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    Merry Christmas from Hen Corner

    Blog 21st December 2019

    To all our subscribers, course guests, customers and visitors,
    We wish you a very
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    From Sara and all at Hen Corner