It’s All About The Bread…

| 3rd February 2021

With my tax return completed and this year’s marmalade safely potted up, I can now focus, quite literally, on my bread and butter.

Our weekly Micro Bakery has jumped back into motion and a hand made loaf of bread with some sweet sticky buns is the order of the day for many a local household at the end of the week.

Sharing the love

Whilst I’ve got the ovens on and my fingers in the flour, I’ve started baking an extra batch of loaves for Hounslow Community FoodBox, our local food bank, each week. They are collected warm each Friday morning, by one of our bakery customers, and are delivered to the recipients within a couple of hours – nice and fresh!

Every Monday – Online Bread Courses

Now a regular feature at the beginning of the week, we are running a Virtual Bread Course every Monday. This has proved so popular, with a 5pm start time allowing UK guests working from home to simply carry their laptops to the kitchen after work, whilst enabling others guests from around the world to also join in wherever they are.

This week we were going through Sourdough Stages with guests from Palm Springs, Dallas, Alsace, Guildford and Reading!

“I have completed 4 sessions of Sara’s Bread Making classes (Virtual) and they are excellent.”

Tripadvisor, California

Our Bread Courses run in a series that is repeated throughout the year and, once you’ve been on any course here at Hen Corner, you can have 20% off future courses!

Here’s what coming up:

NEW! Easter Bread Classes

“I did not visit the Hen Corner due to travel restrictions but did a virtual sourdough baking course with Sara. I sincerely recommend the course. Sara is such an excellent and caring teacher.”

Tripadvisor, Luxembourg

Real Bread Week – 20th to 28th February

Created and run since 2010 by the Real Bread Campaign, Real Bread Week’s main aims are to encourage and help people to:

Real Bread Campaign coordinator Chris Young said: “We’re working towards a future in which everyone has the chance to choose Real Bread, whether skilfully crafted by a local baker or lovingly made at home.”

How you can get involved…

During Real Bread Week, for every bakery order & *bread course guest* between 20-28th Feb, I will bake an extra loaf of bread for Hounslow Community FoodBox our local food bank – You get great bread, they get great bread, Everybody wins!

Other news:
  • Our seed potatoes are chitting nicely, little sprouts are growing before we plant them
  • I’ve found a fabulous spot to continue with my open water swimming
  • Our hens that lay green eggs have come back into lay
Jobs for the week:
  • Label up 100+ jars of marmalade
  • Enter this year’s World Marmalade Awards
  • Plant out my onions sets down at the allotment

Have a great week!


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