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    It’s time to gather and forage…

    Blog 2nd November 2020

    I do like a bit of gardening in the autumn, be that at home or the allotment, it’s a good chance to hunt out any last harvests, there’s still some squash to gather in, clear away spent plants and get the garlic and broad beans in the ground to germinate safely before the first frosts.

  • We are feeling festive in this month’s column, The Good Life in the City, in Country Living Magazine. With Christmas crafting and a wonderful celebration recipe, join in and be jolly!

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    Show and Tell

    Blog 30th October 2018

    It’s certainly getting a bit more chilly and, as one season makes way for another, we have a couple of Shows to Tell you about (not on TV this time)……

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    Good Life Gift Guide

    Blog 5th December 2016

    We’re making a list and checking it twice As Christmas approaches, we are planning presents for family and friends and always find it lovely to receive a well-chosen gift from…

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    Show Time!

    Blog 15th November 2016

    Somehow, we’ve managed to enter three big competitions in three months, which takes time and energy, but have fortunately found it to be more than worth it.

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    Remember Memberillo

    Blog 13th October 2016

    As a child of the seventies, I looked forward to the 5 minute television shows for children on BBC1 each day before the evening news, and when the characters of…

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    Merry Christmas from Hen Corner!

    Blog 21st December 2015

    and a Happy New Year From all at Hen Corner     Have a good week yourself… Join us on the Journey! Merry Christmas from Hen Corner! was last modified:…

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    Be Prepared – Part Five

    Blog 15th December 2015

    Christmas is coming, it’s practically here… This is our last post in the series ‘Be Prepared’ and we hope that it’s been helpful and that you are nearly ready for…

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    Be Prepared – Part Four

    Blog 9th December 2015

    The big countdown… Wow! We have made a serious number of Christmas wreaths here at Hen Corner on courses, corporate events and to sell through our online store, a big…