• Oh my, I’ve been writing for our local magazine for 10 years!

    This issue remembers some of our highlights over that time…

    Read all about it in Out & About Magazine

  • There’s only one this on my mind this time of year and that’s strawberries!
    This year we’ve got them growing on the allotment and we are picking them by the kilo…

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    Out & About – April/May ’22

    Media 4th April 2022

    It all began in a Sunday School team meeting when we were discussing how to celebrate Easter this year and someone nudged me and said ‘Couldn’t we have some chicks?’…

  • Media

    Out & About – Feb/March ‘22

    Media 30th March 2022

    Promises of Spring!
    As the days get longer, nature seems to respond with an unfurling to feel the warmth of the sun and hope is inhaled by all that breathe.

  • When our friends at Omlet got in touch to say that they were writing a new book about chickens and could I contribute, of course I said yes! The Omlet team have been coming to Hen Corner for staff training over many years and so it was no surprise when it was my quiche recipe that they asked for, as they’d each enjoyed it for lunch on our courses.

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    Sunday Telegraph – January ‘22

    Media 23rd January 2022

    When Ed Cumming was researching for this piece, I was more than happy to share our experience – I’ve always loved Felicity Kendal! The Good Life 2.0: how millennials fell…

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    Out & About – Dec/Jan ‘22

    Media 6th December 2021

    As we celebrate the end of another year, I like to pause to look back with thankfulness and forward with hope. In this month’s piece, we share some of the highlights.

  • It’s always lovely when a course guest wants to share their experience with others and we are thrilled that as Sophie Farrah has been promoted to Editor of The Richmond Magazine, she has featured Hen Corner in her seasonal piece on Christmas puddings.

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    Out & About – Oct/Nov ‘21

    Media 11th October 2021

    As the days get cooler and we look for refuge from the wind, we are warmed by the new Spire Cafe that’s open every day in nearby St Paul’s church. They even sell our Cinnamon Swirls!​

  • I’m swimming 5k in Dock2Dock and hope to raise 5k for Chiswick Lifeboat. I was delighted when our local Brentford Nub News got hold of the story and phoned me for an interview. If you’d like to support me, more info is here.