It’s time to gather and forage…

| 2nd November 2020
I do like a bit of gardening in the autumn, be that at home or the allotment, it’s a good chance to hunt out any last harvests, there’s still some squash to gather in, clear away spent plants and get the garlic and broad beans in the ground to germinate safely before the first frosts.

Whilst in the garden, or the allotment, it’s wonderful to admire the evergreens that stand faithfully throughout the year whilst many other trees stand naked with their leaves at their feet.

I love the traditions of bringing foliage into the house, especially as we begin to prepare for the winter festivities.

Our Christmas Wreaths have always been popular, both at the Country Living Christmas Fair, selling them here from Hen Corner and teaching others on our festive courses.

This year, it’s never been easier for you to join in our festive traditions and have a beautiful wreath for your own home:

We do hope you can join us!

Our wreath making kit – posted out to virtual course guests
Professional floristry items – all you need is the foliage!

Other news:

Jobs for the week:

  • Have a go at Fig & Orange Jam – this is the first year that we’ve had a decent harvest of figs and they are delicious!
  • Go foraging for pine cones on a half term ramble
  • Start boxing up our wreath packs to post out to course guests

Have a good week yourselves!


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