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| 8th February 2013

Welcome back to Hen Corner!

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Whilst it still feels pretty cold, the longer days and the brilliant sunshine that we are being blessed with (albeit occasionally!) is a sign of things to come. As bulbs are sprouting and buds appear on the trees, we can be assured that Spring is on its way.

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The new Egg Ramp from Omlet

The Early Bird
Our last post introduced the green eggs from our hybrid Columbine and, this week, it’s been very exciting to discover that one of the bantams bought at the National Poultry Show has started laying the tiniest white eggs and it’s not even Valentine’s day yet! It’s great to have a selection, all shapes and sizes, but it’s really important to store/eat them in date order.
I received the most perfect gift recently that ensures that each egg is stored safely and in order of freshness, the Egg Ramp is the latest brainwave from the fab team at Omlet. Coming in a selection of colours and a sturdy plastic, its contemporary design combines stylish looks with good old fashioned practical features. Whilst able to hold a dozen large eggs or loads more bantam eggs, I love the subtle textured edge that ensures your eggs don’t roll at such at speed that they slip off – perfect!

Forage map-page-001

The three mile forage area for our bees

Psst, Pass it on…

Last month we were contacted by two schools and a Beavers group asking me to go and talk to them about Bees. We had a great time; I took in some of my bee keeping equipment and asked them to guess what each item was used for (‘No I don’t keep the bees warm in the smoker!’), then told the story of Plan Bee at Hen Corner. The sessions included who’s in the hive, where do they go, life cycle of the bee, how a colony works, the value of bees today and tell me about the honey, mummy! We are always pleased to pass on what we have learned on our journey, if you know a school that would be interested in visits from us, please do pass on our details.


Book of the Blog Post:


By Michel Roux

A beautiful book with enticing photography tempting us with hundreds of recipes, old and new, each one starring the humble egg.

As they are currently stacking up I’m going to pop on a pinny and bake a cake… yum!

This book is available with many of our other favourite books from the Hen Corner Shop!

Other News:

  • As things are starting to grow in the garden again, it’s time to think compost. Check out this film I presented for Omlet explaining their Hungry Bin Wormery
  • Our latest article will be in the March edition of Your Chickens magazine
  • We are planning a number of other projects with different schools

Jobs for next week:

  • Make some cakes with all our lovely eggs
  • Set aside some time to write more of my book
  • Research grow your own mistletoe; I believe that February/March is the time to introduce seeds to a new host

Have a good week yourself…

Join us on the Journey!

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