Launching Ten Top Tips for Keeping Chicks!

| 13th January 2012

We are thrilled to launch a new season of films over the coming weeks that specifically look at how to keep chickens in an urban environment.

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What was your favourite Christmas present?

Well, whilst I’m sending the slippers back, a real favourite is the RHS Allotment Journal that my little sister, Emma, bought me. It’s a great little book that outlines the top fruit and veg jobs, a seasonal recipe and general allotment reminders for each month. There is also a notes page for each week which I’m using to plan out my jobs and use as a record of what I did when; very handy to learn from as we look back over the last year.

Make hay while the sun shines…
Whilst it’s not quite the season to make hay, we have had some wonderful days out in the garden to crack on with some Spring preparation. Although I found myself asking whether we had actually had Winter or were still waiting for it!

Outside the brassicas are looking good, check out that Romanesco Cauliflower in front of the chard…. We’ve noticed that some hungry pigeons, and cheeky chickens, are helping themselves to the kitchen garden, so we’ve carefully covered the plants in netting to ensure that we get to eat some too.

Other News:

  • We’ve given the Eglu Go (see above film) a good clean and it’s ready for Butternut’s first broody cycle when we will try to hatch some ducklings.
  • The cordon apples, grapes, loganberries and passion fruit have been pruned back for a new season of fruit.
  • We’ve given the rhubarb a good mulch of compost and are forcing it with an old ‘bottom-less’ dustbin.

Jobs for next week:

  • Sow some more tomatoes, peppers and chillies in the propagator
  • Sow some brussel sprouts, cabbages and cauliflowers indoors
  • Pop down to the Ealing and District Beekeepers Association to check we’re doing it all OK!

Have a good week yourself…

Join us on the Journey!

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