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    True Loaf – January ’23

    Media 17th January 2023

    When True Loaf, the magazine of the Real Bread Campaign, asked if we had a story to tell – we jumped at the opportunity to share Eamon’s story! More info here.

  • The December & January issue looks back over 2022 to celebrate how much money and CO2 we’ve saved by growing our own food and looks forward to seeing our book being published in 2023.

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    Premier Radio – December ’22

    Media 20th December 2022
    This week it was lovely to talk to Breakfast Show host Esther Higham on Premier Radio about beating the high cost of Christmas, Catch up here
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    Chiswick Calendar – December ’22

    Media 17th December 2022
    When The Chiswick Calendar created their Christmas Shopping page, we were delighted that they included Hen Corner recommending our Gift Cards, Hampers and Panettone.
  • When Melanie Giandzi from Good Housekeeping Magazine wanted to write a piece about Sloe Gin, we were delighted to hear that our friends at Country Living Magazine suggested that they…

  • Sophie Farrah, editor of The Richmond Magazine, certainly does her research when she puts together the Food pages. She has previously been to Hen Corner for a course or two and we are delighted to have been featured in her seasonal piece on baking classes. 

  • There’s only one this on my mind this time of year and that’s strawberries!
    This year we’ve got them growing on the allotment and we are picking them by the kilo…

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    Out & About – April/May ’22

    Media 4th April 2022

    It all began in a Sunday School team meeting when we were discussing how to celebrate Easter this year and someone nudged me and said ‘Couldn’t we have some chicks?’…