A Time for Everything

| 23rd July 2011

There is a time for everything…

This was the theme for my son’s ‘School Leavers Assembly’ this week; based on the passage in Ecclesiastes of the same name. As we sat having breakfast in the sunny garden this morning, first day of the school holidays, there was time to think about things ending and beginning. A time to be thankful for all the good and look forward to the new things.
And a season for every activity under the heavens…

Seasons! Well what has happened this year? We had Summer in April, Spring in June and I’m worried that we might just tip over into Autumn in August… Yesterday, I discovered a very strange sight; apple blossom and a mature apple on the same branch (and it’s July!) – I really think everyone, and everything, is a bit confused with the good old ‘British Weather’. So we make the most of dry days in the garden and wet days in the kitchen. Today is a bit of both, pruning fruit trees outside whilst making Blue Cheese inside, we’re trying to increase the ‘Repertoire de Fromage’ ready for Christmas!

 A time to be born and a time to die…

It was very sad to discover that the injured baby Black Cap Warbler that we rescued last week didn’t survive, but this weeks exciting news is that we are trying to hatch some eggs under Broody Butternut!

We were given the eggs (3 x Chocolate Orpington Bantams and 3 x Blue Laced Barnevelders) from the lovely people at South Yeo Farm East – we can’t wait to see how many hatch and whether they are boys or girls…

A time to plant and a time to uproot…

Whilst most things have already been planted this year, and some have been yielding fruit for a while, the new things going in the ground today are some wonderful herbs that I bought from Cultivate London; an exciting new local  project with the following objectives:

  1. To convert derelict and vacant land across London into productive food growing space
  2. To generate training opportunities and jobs for unemployed young people aged 16-25 in practical horticulture
  3. To reduce carbon emissions associated with food production and transportation.

We like these people very much and are hoping to partner with them to introduce chickens into the Farm Locations in West London.

And uprooting? Well, I have officially had enough of the Lemon Balm! It’s so virulent and is stifling everything else in the herb garden…. I intend to get a fork in to dig up the roots… watch this space!

Jobs for next week:

    • Make a start on the preserving schedule; Piccalilli is first – using runner beans, shallots and radishes.
    • Another treatment of Nematodes to clear up the slugs and snails.
    • Planting the Saffron bulbs (they should arrive any day!)
    • Get ready for Wednesday’s course Urban Hens – Keeping Chickens in London

Have a great week yourself now….

Corners aren’t just for squares!

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