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    Winners All Round!

    Blog 25th March 2019

    We were very honoured last week to have been recognised at the Urban Food Awards in a special category, Women in Food: The women putting good food on London’s plate. This is where thirty of London’s leading Women in Food are being celebrated as part of the capital’s Urban Food Awards, championed by the Mayor of London.

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    Back with Bertinet

    Blog 24th July 2017

    On the hottest week of the year – get back in the bakery! Regular readers will remember the fantastic week that my baking buddy, Katie, and I had at The…

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    Summer Season at Hen Corner

    Blog 1st June 2017

    The days are long, there’s time for fun… Come and join us this summer! We have a wonderful programme of courses and events over the coming months, both here at…

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    Buns and Bunty

    Blog 4th April 2017

    Grab them whilst they’re hot! We love the seasons here at Hen Corner, every month brings it’s own celebration, hopefully with the associated weather (snow at Christmas, sunshine in Spring)…

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    Find us at the Festival!

    Blog 26th July 2016

    You know what they say about ‘Making hay while the sun shines?’ Well, I’m a firm believer in grabbing opportunities, delighting in all that the season has to offer and celebrating every day with a true sense of thankfulness.

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    Paddington would have been proud!

    Blog 29th January 2014

    It’s great to have this year’s courses well underway, this week we’ve been baking beautiful bread and making marvellous marmalade. Our course guests took home their wonderful creations and can…

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    Urban Food Fortnight

    Blog 27th September 2013

    It’s been really exciting to celebrate Urban Food Fortnight with other Londoners who are joining together to grow a Million Meals. What with Cider Sunday, Cultivate London Open Day and…

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    Home and Away…

    Blog 12th September 2013

    We have had a great summer and are now busy harvesting fruit, vegetables and honey. We have two Pick and Pickle Courses lined up and are gathering up all spare…

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    5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

    Blog 12th July 2013

    5 Eggs a day from our big hens, 4 Varieties of soft fruits ready for picking, 3 Healthy colonies of honey bees, 2 Recent schools visits, 1 Bee Keeping Assessment…

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    A Time for Preparation

    Blog 1st December 2012

    Welcome back to Hen Corner! November has ended and Advent brings a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Christmas. We’ve designed this year’s Christmas card and…

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