• We’ve been keeping hens in London since 2007 and it was on moving to the house in the corner of the street, the following year, that opened up the possibilities of increasing the size of the flock, indulging in different types of chickens, and welcoming others to come and see how easy it is to keep chickens in a London back garden.

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    Buns and Bunty

    Blog 4th April 2017

    Grab them whilst they’re hot! We love the seasons here at Hen Corner, every month brings it’s own celebration, hopefully with the associated weather (snow at Christmas, sunshine in Spring)…

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    Suspicious Spring?

    Blog 17th February 2014

    It’s the Half Term holiday and we are hoping to spend some good time in the garden. We’ve got courses coming up and are pleased to have been invited to…

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    Scrambled, Poached or Fried?

    Blog 27th April 2013

    At last the sun is shining, the trees are in blossom, the bees are flying and all of our chickens are laying, except for Broody Butternut who is trying to…

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    Easter with River Cottage

    Blog 29th March 2013

    So it’s Easter weekend and I’ve just received an email from the Nation Bee Unit warning us that due to the cold weather our bees are at risk of starving,…

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    First Day of Spring!

    Blog 20th March 2013

    Welcome back to Hen Corner! As featured in Country Living Magazine Well it’s still pretty chilly and our bees are too cold to venture out of the hive but Spring…

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    A Time for Everything

    Blog 23rd July 2011

    There is a time for everything… This was the theme for my son’s ‘School Leavers Assembly’ this week; based on the passage in Ecclesiastes of the same name. As we…