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| 31st July 2020

Busy as Bees

When I first claimed the domain name, 10 years ago, to start blogging our journey toward urban self sufficiency, I naturally wanted to set up a couple of email addresses. Info@ sounded too impersonal, Office@ and Admin@ just sounded too ‘corporate’ and didn’t really communicate that we were intending to spend most of our time in the garden!

We were aspiring to living the ‘Good Life’ and ‘Life to the Full’, so as an encouragement to all that were interested in getting in touch to discover more about what we were up to, it seemed natural to ask them to email Life@ Hen Corner. And everyday that I check said inbox, I’m reminded that we have made a Life for ourselves that is both full and fulfilling.

Recently we’ve definitely been busy as bees, all through lockdown we’ve been baking for our local community each week with our Micro Bakery and our courses, which went online/virtual back in April have been so well received, that we are planning to continue them as well as bringing back our face to face courses (for smaller groups with social distancing). So wherever you are in the world, you can join in as we share our skills. Find more info on all our courses here, incorporating our COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

Celebrate at Home with Country Living

Following the success of Celebrate at Home with Country Living back in May, we are really excited to be joining in with Celebrate Summer next weekend, Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th August. Checkout the fantastic programme that will be going out on Facebook Live and join the event for updates here. The beauty of this event, like the wonderful Spring and Christmas Fairs, is that it brings both inspiration and encouragement from guest speakers alongside fabulous shopping from the Country Living Artisans with an online Artisan Pop-Up Market. Register to shop with discount codes here and follow @CLArtisans over on Instagram for a peek at what’s in store.

If we haven’t been busy enough with baking, writing for magazines and courses, which included teaching a Simply Sausages class for an American audience, and a Corporate Bread class for 25 participants, we’ve had loads of cameras in the garden, on several occasions…

I’ve been making weekly recipe films for a local project Brentford Together, a brilliant student from the National Film & Television School spent a couple of days with us making a documentary on the life cycle of the honeybee, a team from Boojum Media spent the day with us making a film for Pearson Education to be used for students learning English as a foreign language, and of course, there’s been our filming for Country Living Magazine.

Other news:

  • Would you believe that I’ve written my Christmas column & sent a Christmas Pudding off for judging in the Great Taste Awards?
  • I’m really enjoying mentoring 5 New Bread Angels, virtually at the moment, but face to face soon, it’s great to see them baking for others.
  • All three bee hives here at Hen Corner are, at last, on track and building up to a healthy size to see them through winter.

Jobs for the week:

  • Get ready for more face to face courses, we’ve got A Day at Hen Corner and Full Day Bee Keeping coming up (with spaces on all dates)
  • Pop down to the allotment to harvest broccoli, courgettes and damsons
  • Pray for our Bee-loved Brentford FC as they go to Wembley for the Championship Play Off Final

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!


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