Doing Porridge?

| 10th February 2012

Welcome back to Hen Corner!

This week we’re giving porridge to our hens, enjoying our first bantam eggs and are pleased to be included in Olive magazine (March), but first here is Tip 3 in our series specifically looking at how easy it is to keep chickens in an urban environment.

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As you can see from the film, it’s important to keep a special eye on chickens in extremes of temperature…

Fortunately, the water isn’t completely freezing in their side bucket drinker, but it does need checking throughout the day. As we’ve had snow on the ground for nearly a week now, I thought I’d warm the girls up on the inside with some jumbo oat porridge (made with water), they absolutely loved it and I’m wondering whether they’ll be demanding it more often! When it’s really cold, I lock them in the Eglu coop overnight just to give them extra protection from wintry drafts but after 14 hours locked up in the dark, they’re squawking to be set free in the mornings…

As it’s too cold to be working  in the garden this week, it was great to enjoy a magazine with a cup of tea. The interviews and photos from before Christmas have now been published in Olive Magazine (March). The article is called ‘No such thing as a free lunch?’ and looks at people living and working with food. A tutor from Leith’s School of Food and Wine, a restaurant critic from The Independent, the chef that brought Heston’s  orange-in-the-middle Christmas Pudding to Waitrose and little old me!

Other News:

  • Bunty the bantam has started laying eggs; three poached on toasted tomato bread was a lovely lunch this week
  • The seedlings are doing well, but run the risk of growing too quickly inside – yet it’s much too cold to transfer them outside
  • We’ve been pleased to help volunteer at the local Winter Night Shelter; so valuable at this time of year

Jobs for next week:

  • Sow some brussel sprouts, cabbages and cauliflowers indoors
  • Sow some carrots directly into the raised beds
  • Start getting organised with a new bee hive for next month’s ‘Shook Swarm’

Have a good week yourself…

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