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    The Best Fish and Chips ever?

    Blog 23rd August 2010

    We’ve been on a bit of a tour recently and, whilst having a generally all round good time, managed to stumble on a bit of a find! We were looking…

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    I want to break free!

    Blog 14th August 2010

    ***STOP PRESS*** Ascot and Butternut are released! Our two broodies celebrated their new-found freedom with a lovely bath… in the dust! Check out previous blog posts to catch up, but…

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    Great Eggspectations….

    Blog 30th July 2010

    Give me some eggs! Don’t worry, we’ve not reverted to battery farming, this is a Broody Box (or Naughty Cage as some like to call it!) and we’re on a…

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    Right on cue…

    Blog 8th July 2010

    Week 13 We were so pleased to get the new girls a few weeks ago and they’ve certainly stepped up to the bar today! Meet Linen Pictured right, centre stage,…

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    In the news!

    Blog 30th June 2010

    Welcome to weeks 11 & 12 I was trying to think of an excuse us not writing for a while and to be completely honest it’s been because of big…

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    Plan Bee!

    Blog 13th June 2010

    Summer’s here – Welcome to week ten! As we said last week we have been progressing with Plan Bee here at Hen Corner… Phase 1 – To introduce the whole…

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    Anyone for Pimm's?

    Blog 6th June 2010

    So it’s June and week nine of our blog The rain held off for our ‘Bank Holiday BBQ’ and we’ve seen some scorching weather towards the end of the week…

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    Bank Holiday Bonus

    Blog 29th May 2010

    Welcome to weeks seven and eight (sorry we skipped a week…) The last couple of weeks have been busy ones, but as we say at Hen Corner we’re: Believing in…

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    Our First Hen Party

    Blog 14th May 2010

    Welcome to week six at Hen Corner… We were really pleased to welcome five delegates to our first Chicken Keeping course here at Hen Corner! After a warm welcome and…