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    Purple and Orange and Blue…

    Blog 11th February 2011

    I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too! It’s been a colourful week here at Hen Corner. Whilst the weather has fluctuated from brilliant spring sunshine…

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    My Big Fat Greek Birthday!

    Blog 4th February 2011

    At Hen Corner, we are a family; Mum and Dad, son and daughter, two cats and a cluckle of hens… But last Autumn someone new joined in…. A good friend…

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    A Review, a Recipe and a Recording

    Blog 29th January 2011

    What a treat for a Saturday night! We were meeting for dinner with some special friends and rather than either of the wives cooking, the plan was to take to…

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    Lady Marmalade

    Blog 21st January 2011

    Catch ’em while you can! And I’m not talking fish this week… though there is a fishy link further down! This week is one of the first of the long-awaited…

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    Hens, Fish and Horses!

    Blog 13th January 2011

    All the balls are rolling… Well the new year is definitely under-way with loads going on both here at Hen Corner and in the wider world. Here we have been…

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    Plumber, Farmer, Butcher, Chef…

    Blog 7th January 2011

    It all started on Bank Holiday Monday… It was a good job that we had no fixed plans for the day – I got up and made a nice breakfast…

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    Happy New Year!

    Blog 31st December 2010

    Celebrating in style! What a wonderful way to see in the New Year: toasting with our home-made drinks… Of course there’s plenty of cider that’s now ready to go and…

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    Christmas at Hen Corner

    Blog 16th December 2010

    What a year! Well, at this busy time of year, I thought I give a quick update before getting on with writing our Christmas cards and packing up the little…

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    Change of season

    Blog 10th November 2010

    All the leaves are brown… Autumn is definitely here; the leaves are changing colour and giving us nature’s confetti as they cascade down from the trees to the ever-deepening carpet…

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    The First and the Last

    Blog 17th October 2010

    “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That’s why it’s called the Present” That phrase sums up today’s sunny afternoon in the garden…. I picked 200g of…