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    Change of season

    Blog 10th November 2010

    All the leaves are brown… Autumn is definitely here; the leaves are changing colour and giving us nature’s confetti as they cascade down from the trees to the ever-deepening carpet…

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    The First and the Last

    Blog 17th October 2010

    “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That’s why it’s called the Present” That phrase sums up today’s sunny afternoon in the garden…. I picked 200g of…

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    Sixty Pints of Cider!

    Blog 6th October 2010

    It’ll all be ready for Christmas! So, after a seasonal supper of Exmouth Mussels and now with a glass of wine and a slice of chocolate cake (sandwiched with fresh…

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    Just when you turned your back!

    Blog 17th September 2010

    Since you’ve been gone…. I do apologise that we’ve been very slack on the blogging recently. So we’ve got a lot to catch up with… A couple of weeks was…

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    The Best Fish and Chips ever?

    Blog 23rd August 2010

    We’ve been on a bit of a tour recently and, whilst having a generally all round good time, managed to stumble on a bit of a find! We were looking…

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    I want to break free!

    Blog 14th August 2010

    ***STOP PRESS*** Ascot and Butternut are released! Our two broodies celebrated their new-found freedom with a lovely bath… in the dust! Check out previous blog posts to catch up, but…

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    Great Eggspectationsโ€ฆ.

    Blog 30th July 2010

    Give me some eggs! Don’t worry, we’ve not reverted to battery farming, this is a Broody Box (or Naughty Cage as some like to call it!) and we’re on a…

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    Right on cue…

    Blog 8th July 2010

    Week 13 We were so pleased to get the new girls a few weeks ago and they’ve certainly stepped up to the bar today! Meet Linen Pictured right, centre stage,…

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    In the news!

    Blog 30th June 2010

    Welcome to weeks 11 & 12 I was trying to think of an excuse us not writing for a while and to be completely honest it’s been because of big…