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    Come rain or shine…

    Blog 24th May 2024

    It’s terribly British to constantly comment on the weather, but if it’s constantly changing – there’s always something new to say! This week, we had the best weather on the…

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    Yeah! Our 14th Birthday…

    Blog 30th April 2024

    Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us!
    Oh my, I still remember that evening with friends when we were typing all sorts of word combinations into the search engine seeing if we could find something that was unique and reflected all that we held dear.

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    Real Bread Week!

    Blog 16th February 2024

    I couldn’t possibly show you all that beautiful bread without celebrating the wonderful bakers that made it, could I?
    This was the latest team from Brompton Bikes who came to Hen Corner to celebrate the end of their ‘On Boarding’ programme and are now fully integrated team members.

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    Good things come…

    Blog 5th January 2024

    To those who wait…
    Regular readers may recall that last year’s ambition was to grow all the vegetables for our award winning Piccalilli. We sowed all the seeds in good time but, due to the various usual challenges of slow germination/too hot/too cold/too fast/too slow/too wet/too dry/slugs/pigeons/caterpillars/etc. we didn’t quite manage to harvest the full range.

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    The Climb Up To Christmas

    Blog 23rd November 2023

    We are in the final weeks of the climb up to Christmas and we are here to help you all the way!
    Whether it’s baking ahead, homemade decorations, or edible gifting – look no further.
    If it’s gift ideas that you are looking for – we’ve got you covered.

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    Our Cheese Journey Continues

    Blog 26th October 2023

    Keep reading for our Country Living Christmas Competition…
    I am so loving my relationship with cheese, and whilst I’ve been making it for around 13 years, my intrigue and passion was reignited last October when we visited Kerry in Ireland and met a Dutch man who makes Gouda cheese in his converted spare bedroom using milk from his Jersey cows that he keeps down the lane.

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    Pressing On…

    Blog 28th September 2023

    September is the perfect month to get pressing!
    Be that olives for oil, grapes for wine, apples for cider or experimenting with our new cheese press.

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    The Great Taste Awards 2023

    Blog 1st August 2023

    This morning I woke a little twitchy, the day I had been waiting for has eventually arrived.

    It was last Christmas that I started to decided which of our specials we should enter into the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards, I submitted the entries in January and we prepared, packaged and delivered them in March.

    Then we waited. Until 10am today.