We’re making a list and checking it twice…

| 5th December 2022
We are now in the big countdown and all our planning, if we’ve managed it, will really pay off.

No worries if you don’t feel ready, we’ve found that the key is to pace yourself and make lots of lists!

And when I say pace yourself, I mean make sure that you get a good balance of fun and festivities intertwined with those tasks and to-do lists. Look out for activities that are a win-win in more than one category, for example, this Thursday 8th December, I’ll be joining in with local friends to ‘Jazzle up my Jumper’ at a local pub.

This will achieve: fabulous festive fun, creating a new Christmas jumper, up-cycling to improve sustainability, catching up with friends, whilst raising money for charity on Save the Children Fund Christmas Jumper Day. I’ll definitely earn a glass of wine ticking off all those achievements!

As the weather cools down, and we secretly wish for a white Christmas, remember those who might find it challenging.

Check in on neighbours, research local warm spaces and share the info around and, if you’ve got time to pop in and volunteer to make tea and chat to people, I’m sure many venues will appreciate your support.

Don’t forget wildlife that struggle in the cold, stock up your bird feeders and keep drinking water available find out more from the RSPB here.

Christmas Courses at Hen Corner

We are right in the middle of our Christmas Courses and, whilst our in-person sessions are fully booked, we have lots of spaces on our zoom classes!

There are many advantages of joining our Online Courses especially for guests who live further afield and, if we follow the criteria of maximum achievements as recommended above, here’s how these classes measure up:

  • Learning a new skill (that will last for years…)
  • Preparing homemade bakes (stocking up the freezer)
  • Catching up with friends (yeah – get a friend to book in too!)
  • Festive fun (have a glass of your favourite tipple to hand)
  • Save some money (online courses are cheaper than in person)
  • Wrap your bakes and give as gifts (tick that off your list too!)

As well as our new Mince Pie Masterclass on Monday 12th December 5-7pm (UK time) which includes making our own mincemeat as well as a sweet shortcrust pastry, we have a return of Making Special Stollen on Monday 19th December 5-7pm (UK time). Our Stollen was a real hit at the Country Living Christmas Fair and the class helps you make two – one to eat and one to freeze or give away as a gift. It also leaves you with enough spare almond paste to cover your Christmas cake!

Don’t forget, if you’ve been on a course before, email me for a 20% discount off your next course.

Gift Ideas

I don’t know about you, but our family all seem to have too much ‘stuff’ so experiences make the perfect gift. Whilst I love a night out at the theatre, I also love learning new skills.

If you want to treat someone, or yourself, to new skills (and a great experience) in bread baking, bee keeping, cheese making, pasta and more – All our Courses have dates scheduled in for next year

Also, don’t forget our Gift Vouchers which can be used in both our Bakery on produce and towards Courses both online and in person.

Other news:
  • We’ve had a fabulous time teaching people how to make their own Christmas Wreaths, 65 guests last week with another 10 visiting over the coming days…
  • I’ve trimmed back the grape vine and planted a kiwi vine – I wonder how long we need to wait before it starts to fruit?
  • Our home picked olives have finished their initial brining and taste delicious, perfect to serve with festive cocktails!
Jobs for the week:
  • Put up the Christmas lights and pick out a tree
  • Approve the final layout for our book – it goes to print next month!
  • Make up Christmas Hampers for local customers to collect

How are you doing with your lists?

Enjoy this special time of the year,


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iamthesunking 5th December 2022 at 7:07 pm

I’ve bought all the family presents apart from the husband’s!

Sara Ward 5th December 2022 at 7:13 pm

Congratulations! Very impressed


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