The Seaside Comes to the Fair!

| 12th March 2016

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Spring Garden '16This week has seen the bees flying, the almond tree in full blossom, frog spawn in the pond and happy hens pecking around the lawn. Spring is here!

Whilst we can enjoy all the hallmarks of its arrival at home, this week brings a fantastic opportunity to be inspired for the new season at the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair.

We are delighted that we have been invited to join in again this year and Sara will be giving talks each day from the beautiful beach huts that are the centrepiece of the Spring Garden designed by Lucy Summers who has won many a medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

If you are visiting the fair, the Spring Garden is a wonderful installation at the entrance to the show and Sara will be giving the following talks throughout the week:

  • Bees in the garden, Honey in the Pot 
  • Urban Hens – Keeping Chickens in London
  • A Fruitful Garden in the City

Full details and timetable for talks in the Spring Garden can be found here.

CL Theatre with Ruth & Francine

Back on the sofa

Last year, Sara joined features editor Ruth Chandler and author/columnist Francine Raymond in the theatre to discuss ‘Keeping a Few Chickens & Bees in your Garden’ and this year Sara will be on the sofa in the theatre for sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Readers of Country Living Magazine will be familiar with Nick and Bella of Walnuts Farm and this year Sara will be joining them to discuss How to be Self-sufficient wherever you live’. With Nick and Bella from a country farm and Sara from a London terrace house there will be something for everyone as we explore opportunities for everyone to have a go at producing their own food.

Finally, Sara is honoured to have been asked to deliver a talk: Turning a Hobby into a Business where she will be sharing her experience of transforming her everyday life into a business that is empowering others to pursue a more sustainable life and encourages school children to explore where their food comes from. She will be explaining the key steps needed to establishing a firm foundation for a dream business to begin to grow.

Full details and timetable for talks in the Country Living Theatre can be found here.

If you are able to visit the show, do come and say hello!

FFF SkylarComing up at the Corner…

With this beautiful sunshine, we now have regular courses, events, schools and corporate bookings here at Hen Corner. The next month or so sees Bread: Sweet & Savoury, Easter at Hen Corner and more Family Feathers and Fun! so if you’ve been thinking about trying something new, do get in quick!

Other News:

  • The Cinnamon Network joined us for their Corporate Team Day, as an Easter Special their activity was making Creme Eggs, lots of chocolate all round!
  • We had three bread classes in a week, two of which were private courses for groups of friends that wanted to learn together
  • Our Fair Trade breakfast was a great success with fascinating conversation and inspiring challenges for each of us

Jobs for this week:

  • Pack up my bee keeping gear for a morning in a local primary school
  • Top up my Oyster card ready for a week’s commuting
  • Mow the lawn ready for another school visit next week


Have a good week yourself…Hen logo good

Join us on the Journey!

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Alex MacEachern 13th March 2016 at 7:36 pm

Hi Sara,
I hope you are well! We are desperate to get some chickens in our yard and have researched heritage breeders in Hertfordshire…we have all of a sudden been put off with lots of online chat about the inevitability of the dreaded rat if we have chickens. Any advice or words of wisdom, techniques etc.
Many thanks,

hencorner 13th March 2016 at 7:52 pm

Hi Alex, it’s good to hear from you!
We’ve never seen any evidence of rats near our chickens in ten years, check out these films, they may help?
Hope you get your chickens soon,
Sara x

Alex MacEachern 17th March 2016 at 8:10 am

Amazing thanks Sara, feel much better and we are definitely going ahead 🙂 Can’t wait! Have found some lovely heritage breeds to start our flock! Always lovely to receive your newsletters.
Alex xo


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