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    Chicken and Chips!

    Blog 9th March 2012

    Welcome back to Hen Corner! We had a fantastic surprise this week in a free delivery of wood chips for the ‘Henclosure’ and have been experimenting with a new variety…

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    The case of the missing parsnips…

    Blog 24th February 2012

    Welcome back to Hen Corner! This week we have started hardening off the peas in the cold frame, choosing which breeds of chickens we’d like to hatch this Spring, and…

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    Doing Porridge?

    Blog 10th February 2012

    Welcome back to Hen Corner! This week we’re giving porridge to our hens, enjoying our first bantam eggs and are pleased to be included in Olive magazine (March), but first…

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    To Pea or not to Pea….

    Blog 27th January 2012

    Welcome back to Hen Corner! This week we’re asking why only half our peas are germinating, reporting back from Chiswick House Kitchen Garden and preparing for a Shook Swarm…but first…

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    Lambs and Eggs for Easter

    Blog 23rd April 2011

    Meet Thoral… He is one of the most wonderful men that you could ever meet. He is an old family friend who has spent the last 40-50 years farming 40…

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    Election Special….

    Blog 7th May 2010

    Welcome to Week 5 and what a week we’ve had here at Hen Corner….. It’s been one of those weeks when you don’t know what day it is… local schools…

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    Eggs and Chicks….

    Blog 30th April 2010

    Welcome to week four of our Blog here at Hen Corner…. when we started, we thought we’d have nothing to say! but things have been so exciting (both the big…