Do our children know all about the birds and the bees?

| 9th March 2015
‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’*
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What with our wonderful morning in The Holmewood School, a Teacher Training session with the Heathland Learning Trust, and a nursery class visiting last week we have had a great start to the year encouraging staff and students to explore a taste of country life and discover where their food comes from. The new National Curriculum for Primary Schools requires children to understand the life cycle of both birds and insects, and as we are able to bring engaging sessions on both chickens and bees we are finding more and more schools are interested in our support. We have therefore decided to formalise our schools programme and have introduced ourselves to all the local primary schools with a special offer for Easter.
‘Sara uses her extensive experience and immediate, engaging delivery to offer sessions that inspire and delight. Children see the new National Curriculum brought to life as they discover first hand where their food comes from, explore lifecycles, discover the secret lives of birds and insects, learn about habitats and much more.‘*
There are so many ways that we can support schools, be it for Science, Special Topics, working with children who have Special Needs or generally enriching the school day. We can plan a personal programme that complements the curriculum for each key stage.
‘Sara’s sparkling and memorable workshops will enrich your curriculum and open the minds of pupils and teachers alike.’*
*Chris Spruce, Executive Headteacher, Heathland Whitefriars Federation

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Coming up at the Corner

If you’d like to visit us here in London, we have courses running right throughout the year.  Families, Feathers and Fun is the next session coming up with a Spring Discount of £15 off each place, kindly promoted by Country Living Magazine, and we are planning sausage making, family pizza, pasta courses and many more over coming months. Would you like to be amongst the first to bake in our new kitchen?

Other News:

  • We have made the most of some sunny days and have taken to the garden; the raised beds have compost, trees are pruned and the lawn is mowed
  • Our final course before the building works was a delight last weekend ending up with four families talking chickens over tea and cake
  • Lots of our new courses are open for bookings here

Jobs for this week:

  • Roll up my sleeves and get baking for the local Tangent Club afternoon tea
  • Pack up the old kitchen and set up a temporary one in the back room; microwave, kettle and toaster…
  • Jet wash the patio until it sparkles

Have a good week yourself…Hen logo good

Join us on the Journey!

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