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    That was January

    Blog 30th January 2019

    I always try to keep the diary a bit quieter at the beginning of the year, allowing us to get ahead of some of the winter tasks in the garden and to ensure that we keep up to pace with new things that come in throughout the year.

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    In a Pickle

    Blog 16th August 2017

    Wow, we’ve had some great weather this summer! The bees are making lots of honey, the hens are happy pottering around in the sunshine and the kitchen garden is looking…

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    Talking Tomatoes…

    Blog 22nd June 2015

    ‘The taste of any simple tomato-based salad is dependent on the quality of the tomatoes.’* *Yotam Ottolenghi So true, Yotam, so true, and as our last post was all about strawberries,…

  • ‘Get off your horse and drink your milk.‘*  *John Wayne It must have been over ten years ago when we profiled Fairtrade Fortnight at our church with a breakfast feast…

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    Planning the plot

    Blog 10th January 2014

    We’ve had a full week back at work and 2014 is well underway. ‘What shall we grow this year?’ Was the question that my friend, Matt, asked me over breakfast…

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    Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?

    Blog 27th January 2013

    Welcome back to Hen Corner! Featured in Country Living Magazine I do I like them Sam I am… When my son, James, was very young I used to poach eggs…

  • Welcome back to Hen Corner! Featured in Country Living Magazine And, as Neil from The Young Ones says, ‘We eat the seed’, I guess this is showing my age… But…

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    Happy New Year!

    Blog 1st January 2013

    Welcome back to Hen Corner! We hope that you have had a good break over Christmas and are now looking ahead at all the opportunities that 2013 may hold. If,…