Purple and Orange and Blue…

| 11th February 2011

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too!

It’s been a colourful week here at Hen Corner. Whilst the weather has fluctuated from brilliant spring sunshine back to grey drizzly rain, we’ve had some good news that has kept us bright and cheery!

First in our rainbow of news is:


Yep, you’ve guessed it – it’s Sprouting Broccoli… one of the first delights of Spring from our Kitchen Garden. We popped the little plants safely in the raised beds back in October and have kept them snug under horticultural fleece throughout the winter. They’ve survived the snow and been protected from pigeons and we are now practising our Hollandaise Sauce in anticipation!


As the Seville Orange season draws to a close, we were pleased to drop off our entries for the annual Marmalade Making Competition organised by the lovely people at Marmalade Jewellery.

Once again, the competition invites entries into two categories; the classic ‘Seville Orange’ and ‘Mixed Citrus Fruits’. We have entered both with an Organic Lime and Pink Grapefruit being our latter offering.

Another note on this colour are the six melon seedlings that are thriving in the conservatory. Already they are forming their first ‘true leaves’ and we will nurture them with tender loving care hoping for some lovely fruit in the autumn. The variety? Blenheim Orange of course!


The last colour in our song for the week, and this certainly had me singing, is blue…

On Wednesday afternoon, in the nest box, I discovered the lovely surprise of a blue egg! This means that good old Pearl, a Crested Cream Legbar, is back in lay after her winter break. We’ve been waiting for this over the last few weeks. Pearl is a bit of a favourite here, she is a beautiful pure breed with pheasant feathers on her neck and shoulders, a fluffy crest and large wobbly comb. She hasn’t gone broody (yet) and has been a faithful layer of pale blue eggs for two years.

What brings sunshine into your life? Have you enjoyed some glimpses of Spring? Say hello and leave a comment below, let’s spread the joy!

Come again?

Finally, we are thrilled to see that we’ve had over 5,000 visits to our little blog here… If you like it do pass it on and why not subscribe (top right) to receive new posts directly into your inbox?

Jobs for next week:

  • Pot on the seedlings ready for the cold frame
  • Make arches for the raised beds (for polytunnels, nets or fleece)
  • Hang up the preserving pan – I think we’re finished until the summer now!

Have a great week yourself now….

Corners aren’t just for squares!

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