Our First Hen Party

| 14th May 2010

Welcome to week six at Hen Corner…

We were really pleased to welcome five delegates to our first Chicken Keeping course here at Hen Corner!

After a warm welcome and introductions we looked at the basics of keeping chickens and the benefits of the Eglu hen house.

We learnt about feeding, weekly care and general chicken health followed by an opportunity for everyone to hold a hen.

The session finished with questions and answers around the table in the conservatory as we enjoyed homemade cakes and rolls – served with egg mayonnaise of course!

We are planning to run chicken courses regularly, approx once a month, and are looking forward to the Pick and Pickle day in September – for more info look at our courses.

What else has happened this week?

It’s a shame to see that the plums & pears have lost their blossom, as it looked so beautiful, but fortunately we can see that loads of  small fruit has set – so a big thank you to the bees!

Talking of bees, we recently visited the Malvern Spring Show and were able to see the Omlet Beehaus up close. If they have put the same care into the design as they have with the Eglu range, then it must be a great way to start keeping bees! It would be great to care for a colony or two here at Hen Corner – we have a plan, so watch this space…

Ruby is finally looking a lot better, we’ve stopped the Baytril (antibiotics) and are feeding her up with hard-boiled eggs, soya mince and cod liver oil… it definitely smells fishy and Chenouk our youngest cat is determined to get his share of the ‘fishy food’ in the chicken run!

We’ve done most of the jobs for this week, potting on the tomatoes, etc. but we still haven’t cleared out the jungle in the cold frame… it will happen – I promise…

Coleus, as featured on Gardeners World again, is the latest horticultural project for OH. We were told ‘no plants in the conservatory’ until I gave him a packet of seeds… now he has as many trays on the window sill as me – but mine are for food!

It’s been a good week, albeit colder than we hoped for, but the potatoes are sprouting through and we’ve introduced some ladybird larvae to the peas, beans and roses.

I wonder what next week will hold?

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