My Big Fat Greek Birthday!

| 4th February 2011

At Hen Corner, we are a family; Mum and Dad, son and daughter, two cats and a cluckle of hens…

But last Autumn someone new joined in….

A good friend Ellie asked to stay for a while, and as far as we can tell, has no plans to move out!

We love having him stay with us, he is a fantastic music producer who believes in getting the best music out to everyone – checkout his new blog here . It was his birthday at the weekend and as he is such a sociable chap we decided to give him a party – A Big Fat Greek Party!

So he invited some friends, Wardybits made a fantastic candelabra out of Hen Corner Applewood and we brought an extra table into the conservatory….

The menu was a classic with starters of hommous & tzatziki and home-made pitta. I really wanted to make dolmades and after researching many recipes was very pleased to get some tips from the lovely Maria Elia. If anyone could help, it would be her, the beautiful chef and author who learned to cook in her family’s Greek restaurant. Thanks Maria! check out her website here.

A butterflied leg of lamb that was slow roasted after a 24 hour marinade in garden herbs, garlic and olive oil was the centre-piece of the main course, surrounded by kofte kebabs, lamb meatballs and big bowls of greek salad.

One of our friends, Jordan, made the most amazing chocolate cake and then the Hen Corner liqueurs and whiskeys came out….

However, the finishing touch to a great evening was when our friend Dan, who happens to be a magician, got his cards out!

From disappearing decks through to breeding bunnies, we had half an hour of top entertainment. A dinner party will never be the same again! To find out more or to book Dan for your party go to .

So that was last weekend…. since then, we’ve also squeezed in another couple of batches of jelly, one Apple & Chilli and one Ginger Conserve, and a photo shoot for Lost in London magazine (out in March).

So, another busy week but living life to the full, just as we’ve been promised!

This week, the plan is to develop a nice new marmalade recipe…. I’m thinking Organic Lime & Pink Grapefruit….

Whatever this week holds for you, enjoy!


Corners aren’t just for squares!

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