Alive and Kicking!

| 12th August 2011

Let us introduce you to the First Four!

As regular readers and subscribers know, we decided to try hatching some fertile eggs under Broody Butternut. We are on day 19 and these three cuties have hatched safely; we are just waiting for 2 more..

The three matching chicks on the right are all Chocolate Orpington Bantams and, as Bantams, usually incubate for 18 days. The smaller chick on the left hatched this morning and is the first of three Blue Laced Barnevelders, these usually hatch after 21 days so we’re keeping a close eye on them and watching for the last two. If you subscribe (top right), you’ll be the first to hear how they are all getting on!


They say that good things come in threes and we certainly find that to be the case with media profile. In the last week, we’ve been thrilled to be featured in each of these publications:

1) Wall Street Journal Putting the Chic in Chicken Coop; looking at the growing trend of city dwellers trying to live sustainably

2) Telegraph Weekend Celebrate Living the Good Life; making piccalilli with Xanthe Clay (who we met on Market Kitchen Big Adventure)

3) Omlet Newsletter The wonderful people who make the Eglus that we’ve got here at Hen Corner.

A bird in the hand…

Last night we had some friends over to Hen Corner and made some Scotch Eggs (I’ve been planning this for a while) we were very impressed and so have written up the recipe just for you here. Obviously, it was the eggs not the sausages that came from the garden, but today, we have the treat of a wood-pigeon breast salad, dare I say, courtesy of one of the cats! Yes, our naughty boy cat jumped the pigeon and, as it was injured, I put it out of its misery and we will enjoy it for supper…

Jobs for next week:

    • Keep an eye on the new chicks, taking lots of photos for this blog
    • Planting the Saffron bulbs (they are here and ready to go)
    • Get ready for our visit from our friendly beekeeper, we are hoping to borrow a nucleus colony
    • Harvest everything that’s ready and preserving what we can

Have a great week yourself now….

Corners aren’t just for squares!

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