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| 20th March 2011

Good things come in Threes?

Or so they say, but this time last year, before this blog had even begun, I didn’t expect to be writing  a post that announces that we are in a magazine, on a TV show and on the radio all in one week!

But here we are and fortunately, the writing, photos and recordings have happened over the last couple of months which is the quietest time of year for gardeners!

So what is coming up this week?

Back in November, Lucy Scott of Lost in London a beautiful new seasonal publication for country loving city dwellers, contacted us and sent a copy of the latest issue.

After a delightful visit in January, which involved sampling some of the infamous Hen Corner cider, she asked me to write an article all about keeping chickens in London and outlining the Chicken Keeping Courses that we run here. Adam came to take some photos in February, they went to print and it’s available this week… After seeing the last edition, I can assure you that this will be another stunning periodical creativity woven together with wonderful artwork and inspirational features. It’s been a privilege to be involved with them. For stockists see here.

Market Kitchen Big Adventure

As subscribers will know, back in January we went to Camden to join the Market Kitchen Team as they featured Hampshire as part of their Big Adventure. We had a great time with Penny Smith, the host, Xanthe Clay, renowned chef and food columnist for The Saturday Telegraph, Maria Elia and Mark Sergeant the chefs (pictured here with me!) and the other guests; swimmer and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Mark Foster and food blogger the Food Urchin who is well worth a follow on Twitter!. The programme is scheduled for this Friday, 25th March on Good Food Channel (Sky 249 Virgin 260) 10am, 3pm & 7pm.

Three Generations

of my family have been tuning in to Gardeners Question Time, a flagship show of Radio 4, and this week we were not only invited to the special ‘Grow Your Own’ recording at The Edible Garden Show but my question about our new Humbug Pear was chosen to be featured. More information on the recording of Gardeners Question Time can be found here.

The show is due to be broadcast:

Fri 25 Mar 3pm BBC Radio 4 (FM only)

Sun 27 Mar 2pm BBC Radio 4

Other updates:

  • Asparagus Watch: 7!
  • Soft fruit are sprouting leaves
  • We’re training the Victoria Plum across the shed
  • We’ve re-seeded the lawn after moving the ‘Henclosure’
  • We’ve watered in the Nemaslugs
  • We’re looking out for the baby plants in the cold frame

Jobs for next week:

  • Tidy and mulch the soft fruit beds
  • Get on with the March planting
  • Tidy the herb garden

Have a great week yourself now….

Corners aren’t just for squares!

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