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    Show Time!

    Blog 15th November 2016

    Somehow, we’ve managed to enter three big competitions in three months, which takes time and energy, but have fortunately found it to be more than worth it.

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    All about the bees, 'bout the bees

    Blog 26th November 2014

    Tucked up but still centre stage Whilst each colony of bees is almost at their lowest head count, with all the boys kicked out and the girls focused on protecting…

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    Half Term Hens & Honey Show…

    Blog 1st November 2014

    We’ve had a great half term holiday as a family which began in Paris to celebrate the first two years of my husband’s business and ended with us picking up…

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    October Offerings…

    Blog 18th October 2014

    Mmm, we really must remember 2014 for the long warm season that began in April and is still proving mild in mid-October, there’s still food growing in the kitchen garden…

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    Pickles, Pigs and Preparations

    Blog 28th September 2014

    September always seems to be busy; back from holidays and into harvest time with honey to extract and cider to make, then all kinds of pickles and preserves to make…

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    The Pig Process

    Blog 13th November 2013

    The time had to come when our pig would eat her last apple and we would say goodbye. After watching her grow from a six-week weaner in May into the…

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    Pumpkins for the Party…

    Blog 29th October 2013

    Now that the clocks have gone back and the evenings draw in, we take comfort from all that brings warmth and light – this week the pumpkin shall reign… Warming…