Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions, Agreements and Technical/Logistical Requirements

for Bookings & Events with Hen Corner

(updated 10th October 2018)

Our agreement covers the arrangements made between individuals, schools and organisations (referred to as you) and Sara Ward of Hen Corner (referred to as us/we) regarding bookings and events both at Hen Corner, Brentford, or at another location.

An agreement includes a copy of our public liability insurance policy, risk assessment and other documents relevant to your activity.

We warrant that we will ensure that any substitute provided by us or anyone employed or engaged by us to assist in carrying out the role is qualified to do this role and has been checked to the relevant standards.

Technical and logistical requirements
  • Equipment and Insurance

We will be responsible for providing all necessary equipment needed to deliver the activity. If additional equipment is required, for example, appropriate clothing for a particular course, we will advise you in the confirmation email.

As the British weather can be temperamental, for events at Hen Corner, please do wear clothes and footwear suitable for the garden so that we can meet the chickens, see the bees and discover what food is growing in the garden.

We will be responsible for the security and insurance of our own equipment. Hen Corner accepts no responsibility for the safe custody of any personal property belonging to participants at our events.

We will provide a copy of our current public liability insurance policy, and other relevant documents which cover this event, along with an agreement.

  • Safeguarding

Team Leader, Sara Ward, subscribes to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) update service which lets applicants keep their DBS certificates up to date online and allows employers to check a certificate online. More details are available on request.

  • Venue

Hen Corner is our family home. We recognize the value of running courses and events from here, where we are living the country life in London, and are delighted to welcome you. We would, however, ask that you respect our privacy and do not pass on our private address details to others without our permission or to arrive at our home without prior arrangement. Thank you for your understanding in this.

  • Public Transport

If you are coming to Hen Corner by train from London, then Brentford Station (from Waterloo) is the nearest to us, there are also a number of underground stations just a short bus ride away.

  • Parking

For events held at Hen Corner, Brentford, there is a Controlled Parking Zone around our home. This is in effect from 10am-12pm and 6-8pm, Mondays – Fridays and 2.30-3.30pm some Saturdays. We can provide 4 visitors’ permits for our guests, kindly confirm if this is required in advance and return any permits at the end of the event.

  • Wheelchair Access

Kindly let us know if you will require wheelchair access to our house and garden, this will allow us to prepare accordingly.

  • Dietary Requirements

For all events where refreshments are provided, kindly advise us of any dietary requirements in advance.

  • Publicity

Where possible, we would appreciate seeing all pre and post publicity that refers to our event before its release. This also allows an opportunity for us to share your publicity through our own channels.

Delays, Changes, Cancellations & Refunds

If an event cannot take place for reasons likely to be recognised in an English court of law as beyond the control of either Hen Corner or yourselves, our agreement is deemed to be null and void.

If you, for any other reason, wish to cancel a private group booking/event with Hen Corner:

  • 30 days or more prior to the event, then no fee is payable to Hen Corner
  • Between 4 weeks and 2 weeks prior to the event, then you will pay 50% of the full fee to Hen Corner
  • Between 2 weeks and 48 hours prior to the event, then you will pay 75% of the full fee to Hen Corner
  • 48 hours or less before the event, then you will pay the full fee to Hen Corner with no refund available

If you, for any other reason, would like to change or cancel an individual booking on a public course at Hen Corner:

  • 30 days or more prior to the event, rescheduling the date is free or a full refund is available
  • Between 4 weeks and 2 weeks prior to the event, there will be no refund, however, we can arrange 50% of your course fee (previously paid) discounted off a future course
  • Between 2 weeks and 48 hours prior to the event, there will be no refund, however, we can arrange 25% of your course fee (previously paid) discounted off a future course
  • 48 hours or less before the event, there will be no refund

In the event of difficulties occurring on the way to Hen Corner, which might result in lateness or absence, we would appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible.

In the event of difficulties occurring on our way to bookings at another venue, which might result in lateness or absence, we will do our best to inform you without any delay.

If Hen Corner, for whatever reason, is unable to deliver the agreed event, all rights to the agreed fee are waived and full refunds will be made.

Events arranged will take place whatever the weather unless we decide that the event shall be cancelled.  The decision to cancel the event on the day will be the sole responsibility of Hen Corner.

Refunds on purchased stock (baked goods & preserves)

All food products are made following our policies and procedures approved by our local authority and based on the government guidance Safer Food Better Business.

Unfortunately, as we bake freshly for each customer, we can not accept returns.
However, if you are disappointed with any of our items, please do let us know and we will try to find another product for you to try.

General Terms and Conditions

The duly signed agreement (for private group bookings/events) must be returned to Hen Corner 4 weeks prior to the event, or as soon as possible if the booking was confirmed less than 4 weeks before the event. If this agreement is not returned on time, Hen Corner may consider the agreement to be cancelled.

This agreement shall be subject to and constructed according to English Law and the parties agree to accept the exclusive direction of the Courts of England.

You agree to all the terms and conditions that are stated in this agreement including those in all the applicable sub sections and those that arise in any other correspondence.

If you require Hen Corner to supply anything over and above what is specified in this agreement, this must be agreed with us prior to the event and may be subject to additional charges.

You must comply with procedures, regulations and laws in relation to Health and Safety set down by Hen Corner, the local authority and by the Government.

Hen Corner reserves the right for their representatives to require any person to leave the house, garden or other locations and to terminate the event if security matters such as fire or, in the opinion of the representative, the behaviour of those attending warrants such action.

You will take all reasonable steps to protect Hen Corner and keep us indemnified from and against all actions, claims, demands, costs, losses and expenses which may be brought or made against us or incurred by us howsoever arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the facilities hereby granted in respect to the following matters:

  • death or personal injury to any person
  • loss of or damage to any property of Hen Corner
  • loss of or damage to any property belonging to you or your group
  • loss of or damage to any property belonging to any other person
  • any other loss or injury which may be incurred or suffered

If you request any alterations or additions to this agreement, they must be confirmed and agreed upon in writing by both parties.