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    Round and Around

    Blog 6th February 2016

    We’ve been thinking about cycles this week… Not bicycles, though we love those too, but life cycles in animals and plants, the cycles of the seasons and, of course, recycling…

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    Back in the Game!

    Blog 25th January 2016

    The wait is over… I must have forgotten how good the feeling is to discover a freshly laid egg in the nest box, to be honest, I’ve not been checking…

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    Boil, Chop, Bubble, Pot…

    Blog 19th January 2016

    Welcome back to Hen Corner, especially to new visitors since our recent feature in The Guardian. Maybe I should have named this post ‘Upper Body Strength’? As this week is…

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    Are you a Farmer?

    Blog 13th October 2015

    ‘It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn.’* *B C Forbes ‘Are you a Farmer?’ asked a young boy…