Sourdoughs & Special Breads…

Sourdoughs & Special Breads

Pop on your pinny and roll up your sleeves, this special course has been designed to help develop your artisan culinary skills as we get busy with the starters, poolish and bigas creating beautiful sourdough bread, and some traditional bakes, in our London kitchen…

Sara Ward will welcome you to Hen Corner with fresh coffee and home made treats. After an introduction to our time together, we will get busy with the dough creating wonderful breads throughout the day.

*Please note that this is an advanced baking course aimed at those already experienced in baking bread by hand*

Whilst the aromas of warm baking fills the air, and other batches are proving, we will enjoy a simple lunch to fuel us for the tasks of the afternoon. Over lunch you will have opportunity to stroll around the garden visiting the chickens and bees, then back to the kitchen to bake that bread…

We are pleased to bring you this London sourdough bread making course.

Recipes for the day may include:

  • Sixteen Hour Sourdough
  • Spelt with Rye Sourdough
  • Classic Rye Sourdough
  • Six Strand Challah
  • Traditional Handshaped Boule

Everyone goes home with their hand made bakes, banneton, dough scraper, recipe sheets and the confidence to make more bread at home.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday treat at Hen Corner and made the lightest fluffiest dough I have ever made, all with only a few ingredients and without any gadgets. It was a brilliant way to switch off and slow down away from the busyness of everyday life. Sara’s home and garden are so restful and inspiring and I’ve returned home determined to cook from scratch more and use local ingredients.’




Tuesday 5th February, Wednesday 10th April, Tuesday 18th June,

Tuesday 24th September, Tuesday 12th November

10am – 4.00pm (includes a light lunch)