Family Feathers & Fun

Family Feathers & Fun

An afternoon for the whole family in the garden at Hen Corner…

You will be welcomed with home made refreshments and introduced to the joys of keeping chickens!

We’ve been keeping chickens, here in London, since 2007 and currently have big hens in an Eglu Cube, bantams in an Eglu Classic and an use an Eglu Go for hatching chicks.…

We are pleased to bring you this London chicken keeping course for families.

Whilst there will be treats and crafts for the children, our time together will give a good introduction to keeping chickens in an urban garden.

Our time together will include:

• The needs of the chickens, and their daily, weekly and monthly care.
• You will have the opportunity to handle a hen
• Questions over tea and cake
• Each family goes home with course notes, a certificate and a goodie bag!


For more information on keeping chickens in London, you may enjoy our series of films:

Ten Top Tips for Keeping Chicks

‘What a lovely time I had with my two kids at Hen Corner this month! Sara was very friendly and welcoming to her home. We were offered teas, coffees and drinks and lovely hot homemade biscuits and cakes straight out the oven! The course was very informative and has got me thinking about getting my own hens. My kids loved cuddling the hens and learning how to look after them. We got a wonderful goodie bag with some eggs included as well as the kids making egg cup holders with their own decorating on it. I am looking forward to booking the bee course soon! Thanks so much Sara for sharing all your knowledge with us!’



Saturdays: 10th February, 7th April, 13th October

Thursday 25th October (Half Term)


2pm – 4pm

£45.00 per adult (with up to 2 children free per ticket)